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  independence for Scotland    

2001-10-21    Scotlands universities going bust
2001-10-06    Blair promoting indoctrination of religion in schools
2001-09-16    Qualifications Authority disaster covered up by London supporters
2001-09-09    Scottish executive WILL introduce compulsory time wasteful school testing
2001-08-13    Scottish school exams a disaster AGAIN
2001-08-05    Fake exam results for Scots kids as Education system fails
2001-07-20    Foreign teachers fill school posts
2001-07-01    Pepsi more important than freedom
2001-06-30    Scots high school education is NOW a failure
2001-06-09    Drunk on communion wine?
2001-05-10    SNP pledges to scrap Scots university tuition fees
2001-04-23    Scottish exams will be a FIASCO again
2001-04-10    Education executives get payoff for incompetence
2001-04-04    Contractor fired as he reveals depth of Scots exams misery
2001-03-30    Cowardly liberals debate university graduate tax
2001-03-13    Scottish exams a disaster that needs legal action NOW
2001-03-09    Universities paid for by Scots and used by NON-Scots
2001-02-17    US style school buses and kids safety
2001-02-12    Exams authority in Scotland still fouled up
2001-01-29    Why work at school when you can cheat via cellphone?