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  independence for Scotland    

2001-12-31    Dvd editor helps brainwash kids
2001-12-30    Racism moves from London to North of England
2001-11-29    Southern English sadists to fill Scotland with their sick blood lust
2001-11-28    King or puppet, you decide
2001-11-26    Property taxes (poll tax) to rise through the roof
2001-11-26    BBC plans to indoctrinate population through political back door
2001-11-17    New Scottish first minister accused by ex lover of bullying
2001-11-09    McLeish stands down as disclosure of his hidden finances cause uproar
2001-11-02    Liberals reject SNP pact to maintain meagre grasp on power
2001-11-01    Henry McLeish a good example of LABOUR-London sleaze in action
2001-10-29    Private financing of new hospital a total disaster - surprise, surprise!
2001-10-22    Scots opinions on terrorism don't matter obviously
2001-10-16    Labour MPs do little for their Scottish constiuents
2001-10-14    Labour wants idiot executives to head police force
2001-09-30    Labour minister turns voters rights into lottery
2001-09-30    Identity cards would not stop terrorist acts
2001-09-25    Scottish school children could eat better if only parliament would let them
2001-09-23    London threatens Scottish parliament OPENLY
2001-09-23    ID cards a pathetic, illegal and obtrusive response to terrorism
2001-09-14    Scottish parliament pays tribute to those murdered in NY
2001-09-10    Scots access to countryside now looks a forlorn hope
2001-08-31    Scots disenfranchisement coming to ALL Scots
2001-08-27    Mobile phones - BLOCK THEM
2001-08-26    Double standards over declining Scottish health
2001-08-07    SNP need to show the younger generation what indepedence will bring
2001-08-03    Scottish parliamentarians exempt from public scrutiny?
2001-08-02    Scots will hopefully get more access to THEIR countryside
2001-07-08    Labour in London kicks out Scottish Council members
2001-07-05    Tartan day is a bag of wind?
2001-07-01    Blair can stuff his citizenship lessons up his rear
2001-06-27    Secrecy and the Scottish colony
2001-06-21    Unelected bodies to be scrapped
2001-06-21    Blair spews rhetoric upon which he WONT deliver
2001-06-20    rambling to be a crime in Scotland?
2001-06-17    Scots accepted 30 pieces of silver for votes
2001-06-17    Scotland the disenfranchised
2001-06-17    MI6 deserve whatever comes to them
2001-06-11    Lies and more lies from Blairs party
2001-06-11    Labour make Scots a laughing stock as usual
2001-05-29    Private post office would be a disaster
2001-05-29    labour sleaze over Millennum dome
2001-05-12    Canal plan for central Scotland a wet dream?
2001-05-09    Scotland - the patient is already dead
2001-05-07    Labours poll lead dwindles in Scotland
2001-04-23    Scottish executive exploding at the seams
2001-04-23    Robin Cook spouts half baked nonsense
2001-04-19    Women don't trust Blair
2001-03-30    More bull manure than a slaughterhouse, its quango land
2001-03-26    Extreme capitalists and Anarchists equally disgraceful
2001-03-20    Liddell waffles on about Scotland like its a child
2001-03-17    Scots to be disenfranchised after general election
2001-03-13    Labours sour grape attitude in Scotland
2001-03-12    Fishing collapse in Scotland leading to political gutting
2001-03-09    Scottish Executive proves its unworthy to lead Scotland
2001-03-04    SNP overtake Labour in Scotland
2001-02-22    Number of MPs to be revised?
2001-02-18    Liddells rant shows Labours lies are transparent
2001-02-18    Labour kills off proportional representation
2001-02-18    Blairs speech to Glasgows Labour sheep pathetic
2001-02-12    American spins cloud of lies for Blairs election
2001-02-09    Divide and rule, Glasgow leaves Scotland councils in the cold
2001-02-06    One born every minute
2001-01-31    Mother and Father to Scotland - NOT!
2001-01-22    Blairs poodle returns to his masters lap
2001-01-22    Animal drug testing unpleasant but necessary
2001-01-18    Labour and Tories scratch each others backs in Scotland
2001-01-16    Home repossesions on ice?
2001-01-15    MI6 is NOT for freedom
2001-01-11    London tells Scots you have NO government
2001-01-08    McLeish is right about hard choices
2001-01-08    Libraries to stay open at whose expense?
2001-01-08    Labour accepting cash for favours it seems
2001-01-04    Lord gives 2 million to labour
2001-01-01    SNP supporters disenfranchised, Labour cash stays secret