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This group of Scots and Scottish Canadians produced the album Feel the Glory in 1998. Their work is largely original with some hearty renditions of more traditional tunes. In their original work they pull no punches in this album. They set out to provoke the listener to behold the vision of a Scotland free of domination by the parliament in Westminster London. They are not alone in this desire.

I chose two tracks. One, the Vision at Wallace Monument because it evoked the sense of both outrage and hope that many Scots still find themselves experiencing day to day. Even though Scotland has the worlds 7th highest GDP, 60,000 Scottish children live below the official poverty levels set by the European Union. They endure a constant barrage of soul crushing, spirit draining London controlled media `spin` as the countries assets are stripped and a newly elected puppet parliament sits impotent to stop it.

The second track is When the Rampant Lion of Scotland Roars Again. There was a time when even I would have shrugged of such a title as simply dwelling on the past, but the Scots now really do need to be inspired before this new so called parliament in Holyrood Edinburgh saps the last morale from the country. The song reminds us that whilst Scottish apathy, so well exhibited at the vote for the devolved parliament in May 1999 is very real, so is the need for change,for independence, NOT devolution.

Torrance does `its bit` as we all should, to highlight that freedom, independence and national pride are not dirty words. They don't plant bombs, incite violence or dehumanise non-Scots, but glorify what it is be a Scot.

The Vision at Wallace Monument

When the Rampant Lion of Scotland Roars Again