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ref date:15 Sep 1997 (SI)
Tories bitter as Scots give them another 'goodbye'

William Hague, that well known even minded Tory claimed the Scots had the "wool pulled over its eyes by the Yes camp in the referendum campaign"

Yes William, of course William, in the same way they finally removed all taints of your MP's from their country - that was THEIR country.

He also said "I'm a democrat. We respect the views of the Scottish people. There will be a Scottish parliament and we've got to try to make sure it works with the least damage to the future of the UK. But I believe that a Government that has led people into supporting these proposals which are so inconsistent across the UK are sowing the seeds of disunity, disillusionment, of resentment in the United Kingdom"

Like so many other he feels their is a "UK", sorry ladies and gentlemen, the Union was always a farce.

Hague contimues to witter on about the breakup of the "UK". And why are we waiting?