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ref date:15 Sep 1997 (SI)
The Scotsman newspaper - easily satisfied?

The Scotsman editorial seems set that the referendum has "repaired a relationship with the United Kingdom that was in grave danger of festering"

Unfortunately, the patient was killed off when this so called Union was first conceived.

The Scotsman also says that "This is the first day of the rest of Scotland's life and we will make of it what we can. To business." And again, there seems to be ablind faith that all will now be well. It may be. We'll have to see.

Again the Scotsman exhibited some blind faith in the vote as a panacea to cure 290 years of an unequal union when it said " Few seemed animated by dim-witted anti-English sentiment."

Unfortunately the Scotsman fails to comprehend that much of the perceived 'English hatred' is in fact directed at Westminster and those people, particularly in the South of England, who have never given a hoot about the welfare of the Scottish people. Many people in SW England as well as the North of England have every reason to be as untrusting of Westminster as the Scots - the last twenty years proved that. Hopefully now Mr Blair will do whatever is necessary to give these regions the opportunity to recover. Indeed, the local development councils does seem like a very positive move in that direction.

The Scotsman was absolutely correct when it said we (scots) did not now have the ability to make a long and expensive wish list and expect to fund and make all changes over night, BUT, how about a Scottish passport A.SA.P.?