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ref date:22 Dec 2000 (WBA)
1984 coming to a country near you

John Gallagher, managing director of Footfall, a company that is installing cameras in shops to recognise shoppers by their walks, faces etc, nominally to help watch for shoplifters I suppose, make it possible to track peoples buying habits.

He said "Within five years, the video cameras will be able to recognise individuals, identifying them and counting the number of their repeat visits."

So, the government watches outside the shops on video, they watch you inside the shops on video, your plastic lets them track all your bank and credit info through electronic debris, they are trying hard to get carte blanche rights to snoop on your cellphone and land line use, they are planning to sift through all your internet mail and web browsing activity - WHERE IS THE PRIVACY HERE? .

The ECHR is very clear on privacy, but we are giving it away to footfall, the government and credit agencies by NOT saying NO, YOU MAY NOT SPY on us and share information....