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ref date:10 Oct 2002 (si)
European Union opens doors to 10 new members BUT NOT SCOTLAND - YET
The E.U. is about to invite in 10 new countries with a mix of economies to become FULL European parliamentary represented states - but Scotland is to stay a colony of England, as part of the rotten, illegally founded "UK" - for now.

Although Hungary and Poland may join a little later the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Cyprus can ALL be nation states inside the EU NOW.

Are the Scots so DUMB they think they cannot make it themselves if these states can? Until the Scots vote Westminster OUT of their lives they will stand cap in hand at Londons begging bowl, and watch their sons and daughters die in Englands continuing imperial fantasies it plays out with USA.

Its a VERY sad day when the Scots should reflect on who and what they are.