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ref date:7 Aug 2001 (WBA)
SNP need to show the younger generation what indepedence will bring

The mind set of the fuddy-duddy labour voter in Scotland is one of cowardice, piled on indecision and brain washing. The SNP are not doing well in polls but WHO CARES.

The party needs ONE message ONLY

You will be better off IN EVERY way as an indepedent nation inside the E.U. than spending another generation being controlled by Westminster either directly or indirectly through its lackies in the so called Scottish parliament.

This message needs to go to EVERY student, and whenever possible to younger Scots in Schools.

These people will be the future voters and if the SNP does not do this, they will be drones for London as they get BRAINWASHED from day one with London promoted values and lies about their Culture and Economic viability when free.