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ref date:13 Jan 2003 (si)
SNP pledge slimmer pro-independence government for May
It's no big secret that the Scottish parliament has been a total waste of space, cash and time. It has been a blocking factor, a smoke screen, a deception used by Westminster - very effectively I might add to hide the truth from the Scots on a grand scale. A truth that they have been sold down the river via a rust bucket called devolution. Scuttled in a swamp of despair that leaves Scotland unprepared for this century and its people terrified to vote for their fundamental right to independence.

Up to this London wrought mess steps John Swinney. SNP leader. He promises to direct cash to where it is needed and to scrap all the pseudo garbage layered and grafted onto the Scottish psyche to make us believe we have some kind of control over our destiny.

Good luck John. I mean it. The Scots have behaved like sheep for generations and short of electric shock therapy I cant see them changing... and I'M SCOTTISH....