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ref date:10 Aug 1999 (SI)
Scottish voters have the chance to sink Westminster once and for all

Tony Blair, the man who brought PR to Scotland, and discovered to his horror that millions did NOT want his party interfering in Scotland any more is about to scrap plans to introduce proportional representation in England in time for the next general election. He knows it would lead to true democracy with a rich mix of Labour,Tory, Liberal, Green and 'loony' parties ALL represented.

By abandoning this change he is showing he is afraid. The Liberals are collapsing from within, now the Scots have to force a new election in Scotland, and cut Blairs power base away from under his very feet. Its the perfect time. We gain our independence and London can do what the hell it likes.

As Scots we'd also have the satisfaction of seeing Westminster fall into disarray after 3 centuries of their benign dictatorship over the Scots people.