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ref date:10 Mar 1999 (ECON)
Third way budget for third way britain

Third way. Thrid Reich. Third class.

Another budget day from the stifled halls of Westminster where they promised to encourage wealth creators and STILL insist they will veto the Scottish parliament if it tries to bring these wealth creators into Scotland.

More chat from Nu-Labour.

Donald Dewar welcomed the 165 million pounds allocated to Scotland over three years from the capital modernisation fund and said: "It is a Budget with a social purpose, that reflects the priorities that Scotland voted for. I think it would be impossible for anyone to say after this Budget that we arent embarked on a serious attack on social exclusion."

As the (so called )Scotmsman paper pointed out:
One consequence of the surprise tax changes is that the tax-raising powers of the Scottish Parliament would be greater. A 1p rise in the "tartan tax" will now be worth around #230 million compared with #180 million before the tax changes.

Heres the rub. They gave Scotland a paltry 50million pounds a year for three years and the Scots have given 30 billion pounds over 20 years to London. Now the Scottish parliament will have to raise taxes