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ref date:9 Mar 2001 (TRA)
British airways to plunge Scottish Islands adrift?

British airways, the worlds (not so) favourite airline has been causing trouble over its treatment of Scotlands air space and service to Scottish airports for years. It has been instrumental in perhaps preventing many US carriers coming into Glasgow instead nudging them toward overly busy London Heathrow instead and now plans to buy BRA (British regional airways).

However, BA has a history of cutting Scottish services to keep up the profit margin. The Scottish 'parliament' should possibly take LEGAL action against BA now to ensure it lives up to its responsibilities to provide service across Scotland if it wants to keep its lucrative London-Edinburgh service slots.

Terry Liddiard, British Regional Airways chief executive who currently owns 6% of the company said "The only thing that will change will be the ownership. There will continue to be a separate management and there will be no change to our services or fares. When we took these routes over from BA we turned them round because we are more efficient on these short haul routes. We made 10m last year, the year before it was 7.8m, before that 5.3m, and earlier again 3m odd. I think the whole think makes sense."

WE'LL SEE.......