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ref date:13 May 2002 (tra)
Ryan Air tells Scottish executive to stop blubbering and help develop Scotlands air industry
Ryan airs official Cawley said that if he didnt get a firm committment to helping develop Stornoway and Inverness from the Labour executive in Edinburgh that Ryan air would go to other airports and authorities in Europe who WANTED to help tourism and improve infrastructure, rather than have 'meetings about meetings about meetings'.

The Labour controlled Highlands and Islands development board said "We've explained to Ryanair that both Inverness and Stornoway will require significant capital investment, to the tune of approximately 18m per airport, to prepare them for the airline's 737-800 series aircraft."

Ryan air claims that Inverness and Stornoway will lose upto 50,000 fare paying passengers unless the airports are improved.

NOW Cawley would make a FINE PM for an INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND. Direct, Honest, Succint - none of which applies to the London lap dogs in Labours useless Scottish executive.