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ref date:18 Jul 2000 (SI)
Alex Salmond stands down as SNP leader - fare ye well

Alex Salmond led the SNP for a decade and brought many business leaders to the table to make them see the good business sense in an independent Scotland with low business taxes and high tempo investment.

Unfortunately for Alex their has also been an undercurrent of disquiet in the country and within the SNP itself.

Westminster and the media have spread the lies about Scotland being firstly incapable of ruling itself and secondly too poor to stand alone as an independent nation once more.

Many Scots believed and still belive this pathetic lie.

Alex Salmond heralded the slowly-slowly approach to freedom (in public at least) to prevent Westminster and its malicious lies inflicting the fear of God into the independence trail.

He hoped to keep business and common sense on his side.

But, London would never allow it.

With Alex resigned to stepping down in September there is every chance the SNP will elect a hard line independence leader to fight for Scotlands freedom in May of next year.

Lets hope the new standard bearer can make the Scots see past the Westminster lie to understand freedom is the only way Scotland will ever prosper.

Softly-softly was still getting attacked by London, its media and Scots in the honour-list back pocket.

To hell with them all now.



Alex, it was a good fight, but more Scots need to grow a backbone and ditch Nu-Labour. Thats the only way the SNp and the Scots will ever see light at the end of our centuries under Londons thumb.

Expect the spin doctors from Westminster to attack the SNP and freedom as soon as the new SNP leader opens his/her mouth in September.

After all, if the Scots go, that means no more Labour, and no more free oil and taxes out of the Scots for SE Englands benefit.