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ref date:23 Jul 2001 (EU)
Scots women held illegally and against ECHR in Italy

Many people in the world are plain sick and tired of governments being run and bought and paid for by big money companies. The corruption and sleaze has been apparent in the USA and so called "UK" for quite some time now and many believe that sitting down and watching so called 'globalisation' is the equivalent of handing over democracy to corporate interests who now OWN many sections of Western governments through donations, lunches and other 'soft money' actions.

Look how public safety has been swept under the carpet by the US and "UK" governments as wireless companies push their towers into communities and microwave the population whilst saying its safe.

Nicola Doherty was one of tens of thousands of mostly peaceful demonstrators saying the G8 means no democracy and too much political power falling into corporate hands at the G8 summit in Italy.

She was beaten, detained and NOT given access to the 'British' Consulate for 4 days. Breaking the legally binding European Convention of Human rights.

She should take the 'Foreign office' in London and the Italian government to the European court and sue for damages now.

If the Scots were a nation rather than a spineless collection of cowering fools, a Scottish GOVERNMENT under SNP control would have done something to protect its own. But instead the pathetic, cowardly Scottish executive did basically nothing just as London wanted.