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ref date:28 Nov 2001 (ECON)
The British Airports Authority may help kill Scottish tourism

With the number of 'bums in seats' on planes down after the terror attack in New York and with incomes falling due to bad governmental management of the world economy, tourism companies and airlines have be cutting a swathe through their employee list like a combine through a corn field.

Everyone knows that Heathrow in London is TOO busy and has hogged too many flights from outside the E.U. that should go to Edinburgh or Glasgow, and now they get the go ahead for yet another terminal to crowd the skies over London (for the South East of Englands benefit).

It appears that the SNP have thrown the gauntlet down to the BAA asking them to reduce or scrap landing taxes in Scotland to try and help the Scottish economy, but the BAA will protect its own in SE England and , as usual, the Scottish economy will play second fiddle unless London wants Scottish votes.