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ref date:18 Nov 1997 (WBA)
Does Labour have vested interests in BA (British Airways?)

With Labour having admitted, regardless of the circumstances, that it took money from tobacco companies to fight an election ( Like the Tories took money from Saudi Arabia to fight its battle) one wonders what other connections exist?

With BA planning to axe most of its service from Glasgow Prestwick to and from North America and concentrate in London - and with Labour refusing to help expand Glasgow (West Scotland) even though it is one hour closer to North America - what else is hiding in Labours cupboard?

BA chief executive Bob Ayling has said that concerning the new BA 'low fare airline' "By offering competitive fares and flying to Europe's most popular cities, this new airline will quickly become a favourite with the budget traveller. We expect hundreds of thousands of people who have never taken to the air before, to travel with the new company. It will be run as a separate business and will not affect our ambitious expansion plans at Heathrow or Gatwick.

Does the DTI intend to starve Glasgow to feed the overcrowded Heathrow airport instead?