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ref date:23 Oct 1997 (EU)
Blair stumbling over EMU

THE Prime Minister was booed and jeered by financial traders in the City yesterday over the Government's handling of the single currency issue.

The hostile reception as Tony Blair walked on one trading floor . Pressure is growing for the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, to make an early statement next week clarifying Britain's position on European Monetary Union.

Treasury sources would not comment on when he would make his statement to the Commons, but the Government does not want the return of the Commons to be dominated by the single currency issue.

Again Labour like Tory before them is adrift in a sea of doubt about giving up their precious pound. You'd think their souls depended on it. Meanwhile real businessmen languish with currency exchange rip-offs that sap their profits.

And of course currency dealers have no axe to grind.... what would they do when Europe had one currency?