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ref date:13 Oct 1998 (HEA)
Many Scots still living in abject poverty

Labours 'good life' promise has fallen flat in Glasgow, Scotlands largest city with a population in excess of 1 million people.

Earlier this year Blair promised to correct these flaws as we were one nation

However, years of government inaction and indifference from London with occasional injections of cash have led to bad housing, no jobs and high crime levels.

What's really sad is many of these people vote Labour, they have always voted Labour from the earliest days in 1919 when the young aspiring (megalomaniac) Winston Churchill wanted to machine gun striking dockers using armoured cars!

Labour are right when they say they need to understand WHERE to target cash and effort, but London wont ever do it. What will happen will be too little too late, a poorly informed hashed attempt to help the very people who pushed Labour into power.

And this in the country (Scotland) with the worlds 7th highest GDP

You must ask, where has the money gone? Why do these people keep voting for a party that needs their support at election time and then caters for the bulk of the population in and around London as its priority?