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ref date:22 Oct 1997 (WBA)
Blair a man with no respect for Scotland

The heads of the Commonwealth, that once-an-Empire collection of political misfits, will be visiting Edinburgh tomorrow.

There will no (official sign) of Scotlands rich tradition, no pipes, no tartan.

It is understandable that Blair wants to repackage his vision of a "UK", and to promote the image of a modern Scotland, but he needs to tread lightly if he doesn't want to destroy Scottish culture.

The pathetically titled "Britain, the Young Country" will no doubt be a miserable collection of smiling happy people, full of the joys of Spring.

I'm sure many Scots would feel that way when they have their own parliament, are independent of England, and have control of their own economy.

I'd hope rather Balir would keep his sticky little hands off of Scotlands oil, and leave its image alone. We don't want or need Londons idea of Scotland, we've had that rammed into us for 3 centuries and more.

After all , look what has happened to Tibet as Chinese assimilation continues, there heritage and language destroyed, but they have colour TV's.

How much of your Scottish heritage will you let Blair and his crowd erode before you grow a spine and vote Labour out and the Scottish Nationalists in?

Think: a Scotland with its own labour parliament that will do what Labour in London says. Very useful- if you're Tony Blair.