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ref date:31 Aug 2000 (ECON)
US banana war still hurting Scottish businesses

Ever since the European Union refused to bow to pressure from the United States and allow a flood of this fruit from US dominated Central America into European markets, the USA has been imposing damaging tariffs on many goods sent from Scotland to the USA.

One Scottish firm now plans to sue the European commission to get back the losses it has suffered as a result.

The European commission has been neglectful, but it should ESCALATE the issue with the USA and impose punitive sanctions on US goods in the EU in retaliation.

After all, it is the USA and not the EU that has a multi trillion dollar national debt and gigantic balance of trade deficit to service.

A good place to start would be computer goods manufactured in the USA. With the advent of LINUX for business, we no longer need to buy the proprietary SUN and IBM equipment needed to run fast, scalable secure environments for business, cheap fast PCs made with South East Asian components work just as well!!