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ref date:24 Jun 2000 (ECON)
Funding to Scotland still fiddled by London

Jack McConnell, Scottish LABOUR finance minister said "In contrast to our reasoned approach (over the Barnett formula restructuring), the SNP have been dumbing down the debate. They yet again attack a generally agreed and stable settlement for political point-scoring and to engineer an argument between the two Parliaments."

Mr McConnell still fails to understand that the Scots want to be show hard facts, in all their gory detail of how the parliament in London supposedly subsidises Scotland. Everyone with a brain knows that because fo oil, gas, the finance and hi-tech sectors this cannot be true and yet Lodon persists in scaring the Scots into believing they are dependent.

Bin the Barnett formula and let the Scottish parliament collect ALL taxes, income tax, VAT and PETROLEUM tax for itself as well as all th European aid that Westminster has all but admitted it has been syphoning off for years and lets see who has told the truth.
It is NOT Westminster