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ref date:27 Jan 1999 (SI)
BBC snub on Scottish license fee payers

The BBC has long neglected the 5 million plus people living in Scotland. The recent BBC board decision NOT to have a dedicated Scottish news programme at 6pm every evening that would lead on Scottish issues and international news snubbed every Scot. They must instead watch London/SE Engalnd-centric nonsense!

Peter Snow, the 'Anchor man' for the channel 4 news programme said "I think this is a nail in the coffin of the licence fee. If people who pay the licence fee don't get what they want they will very quickly turn against it. There's nothing to say that a Scottish Six wouldn't still lead on Kosovo or anything else, it's just that they most certainly would not have a lot of the material which is completely extraneous to Scottish interests."

The Scottish parliament should force the BBC to give the Scottish viewer what THEY are paying almost $180 a year for.. for EVERY TV in their houses....