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ref date:30 Aug 2000 (ENV)
Scottish beaches to be cleaned up?

The Scottish Scallop fishing industry is dying on its feet on the west coast of Scotland because of Algal blooms feeding toxins into the shellfish.

These blooms are fed by high nitrate levels in Human sewage waste and farm fertiliser in the sea that are spawned into vast clouds by global warming.

Now the Scottish parliament is (TOO LATE) announcing new plans to clean up the beaches (but really the seawater) in many areas.

Environment Minister Sarah Boyack said nine areas around the Scottish coast will will now require secondary sewage treatment.

Ms Boyack said: "The Executive is committed to improving the standard of urban waste water treatment to safeguard and improve Scotland's environment. The changes in status announced today confirm that we are delivering on our programme of Government pledges and demonstrate the important steps being taken toward improving the quality of Scottish estuaries, coastal waters and beaches."

The areas to be improved are Campbeltown Loch, the Clyde coast at Girvan, the Cromarty Firth, Eyemouth, the inner Firth of Clyde, the inner Solway Firth, Oban Bay, Thurso Bay and Wick Bay.

All too late for the habitats and the scallop fishermen. Perhaps the desire to get more holiday homes on these beaches and pollute them further is the real driving force here and not concern for the environment.