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ref date:8 Oct 1999 (ECON)
Labour stealing EU money from the Scots

Andrew Wilson, SNP spokesman, said of the scandal whereby the Westminster treasury takes cash allocated by Europe for Scotland alone into its 'care' and then redistributes SOME of it according to the Barnett formula that
"The whole issue has been clouded in secrecy by the Treasury for a quarter of a century. What is becoming clear is that Scotland, despite having won more than 20% of the UK's allocation of EU funding, has received only about 9% of this money. This is a shortfall of more than 730m since 1993."

We Scots also know that we have given up 27billion pounds in oil revenue and that this continues to this day as North sea production is still high and prices higher than in the early 80's.

The funds from the EU should be given to the Scottish parliament so Westminster cannot steal any of it, the funds should be 'ring fenced'.