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ref date:29 Sep 1999 (ECON)
Blairs crocodile tears as he begs for second term as PM

60,000 Scottish children live in poverty, almost 800,000 Scots do and this is what Blair said:
"While there is one child still in poverty in Britain today, one pensioner in poverty, one person denied their chance in life there is one Prime Minister and one party that will have no rest … no sense of mission completed."

Here is a man capable of the deepest and darkest deceptions. Scotland has the worlds 7th highest GDP (1998 figures), and almost 18% of its population living in squalor as they are taxed to death, filling Londons coffers.

Economy and rose coloured specs:
"I do not claim Britain is transformed. I do say the foundations of a new Britain are being laid. After decades of Tory boom and bust, it is new Labour which is the party of economic competence today and for that we can be proud and proud of our Chancellor too."

Which is why we see an overvalued pound instead of the Euro and jigh interest rates that the CBI, TUC and notable business leaders tell Blair MUST go... but Blair ignores them, he's on his crusade to buy Tory voters again.

On technology and the internet based economy....
"We know what a 21st century nation needs. A knowledge-based economy, a strong civic society, a confident place in the world. Do that and a nation masters the future. Fail and it is the future’s victim.

Which is why Blair plans to break European Law and incarcerate you because he wants his spies to have access to every nook and cranny of your business and private life.