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ref date:13 Oct 1998 (SI)
Scottish MPs to adhere to tough standards

Members of the Scottish parliament (MSPs) will have a very strict code of conduct to adhere to in their professional lives as MSP's. These rules will be far stronger than the lax rules enjoyed by MPs at Westminster in London.

This is a great move. MSPs must have their behaviour to be seen to be beyond reproach. Its sad that Blair and his merry men will continue their sleazy approach to all other business unfortunately.

Henry McLeish, the Labour appointed devolution minister said "The general presumption is that we will have the toughest set of standards you can find for MPs, certainly in this country and even in Europe. It is not an over-reaction. The public expect the very highest standards and why not build them in at the start [of the parliament]."

For once, I think its a bravo for Labour, pity its a double standard though!

The SNPs George Reid said "You have got to stop snouts in the trough at Westminster. Regulation must start with the MSPs themselves. But it [the code] must be extended to staff as well, an issue which has not been thought about."