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ref date:22 Apr 1999 (WBA)
Westminster blackmailing Scottish Unions

London has far reaching plans to 'plough' private finance into public sector works, the private finance initiative.

This policy has failed in the USa where it is causing much consternation as the private bodies then interfere constantly with the infrastructure they helped fund. Their business is business and that means profit - hence the state of many of the hospitals in the USA (for example!).

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) is rightly very wary of the PFI but like the Tories before them new Labour have a plan.

Make people in Scotland afraid to speak out. make them fear for their jobs and hence their families and they'll keep in (Londons) line - Labours line.

The once mighty Govan (now Kvaerner) shipyard in Glasgow has been subject to international forces cutting back.

Now Labour has said the MOD (DOD) MAY build special ferries as part of the PFI at Govan, protecting SOME jobs for an indeterminate time....