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ref date:4 May 2000 (SI)
Scottish parliament a year older and not wiser

Its been around for a year and what has it achieved? Other than the abolition of warrant sales VERY VERY little.

Led as it is by a London controlled executive and collaborating with Liberals with no morals nor backbone we've seen:

  • Air traffic control sold off
  • Continued interference in our education system
  • Theft of sea with possible oil/gas reserves
  • Many factory sell-outs
  • NO advance in European representation for Scots
  • Continued high interest rates
  • NOT enough work from the SNP to bury the 'London subsidises us' myth
  • Our media being more substantially controlled by London

    It's not a grand nor noble adventure but a waste of Scottish tax payers money, a ploy to keep us quiet and a travesty against moves towards independence.