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ref date:9 Mar 2001 (SI)
Blair seems to concede devolution vision flawed

Tony Blair has been making comments about the state of the devolved in Scotland. He said that devolution had "taken some getting used to", but insisted he was now 'relaxed' about Scotland making its own decision

WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Our Scottish parliament is a fiasco of half truths, back stabbers and the spineless (Liberals).

Blair went on to say "I've come to terms with the fact that this is devolution and if people want to do things in a different way, that's up to them. They've got to account for it. I expected to have to come to terms with it but, on the other hand, it is a big change, and it takes some getting used to."

Really what he means is that he KNOWS the experiment has failed, that many Scots still want their freedom, not some half baked, over priced committee taking orders and bowing to pressure from London that dares to call itself representative of the Scottish will.