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ref date:5 Mar 1999 (SI)
Blair tries to make Scots forget what his party is REALLY doing

On the eve of Tony Nu-Labour Blairs visit to Scotland, his spin doctors are saying the vote in may is not really about a Scottish parliament or even about Scotland versus England, but about "jobs"... blahh blahhh....

This the day after the Scots are told we wont be allowed to control inward investment as the treasury will have veto control over this.

BLAIR: YOU ARE MAKING THIS A SCOTLAND versus ENGLAND vote. YOU are stirring up antagonism, not the SNP.

Michael Russell said: "The Scotsman poll contains devastating findings for London Labour. On the day that Tony Blair visits Scotland, 61 per cent think that he should stay out of the Scottish election campaign, and 53 per cent think that Labour would make little difference to Scotland if elected to the Scottish parliament - just as in the Scotsman debate Donald Dewar was unable to say what he would do differently as First Minister."

Alex Salmond (the SNP leader)said: "Tony Blair's visit to Scotland has already been a catalogue of blunders. Tony Blair is in headlong retreat on London Labour's `Nat-bashing' campaign, which has backfired badly. The visit only emphasizes that Labour's campaign is controlled by London - just as he wants to control the Scottish parliament from London."