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ref date:2 Jul 1998 (WBA)
Blairs attitude - Blairs downfall

After Blair promised Open Government in Labours manifesto hopes were high that the secrecy and unashamed bare faced lies that were one of the hallmarks of Tory government were to be banished from the political scene.

Now Blair has embarrassed Donald Dewar, in full public view by dictating how many members of the Scottish parliament there will actually be. This flys in the face of Blairs own promises to Scotland about London adopting a laissez faire attitude towards Scotlands devolved parliament.

Westminster and Blair and the Labour party are set to keep their dirty little claws around Scotlands neck for the longest time, unless the Scottish Nationalists get the majority in the new parliament and lay down the will of the Scottish people in Westminsters face and make the European Parliament back Scotlands move towards full independence.