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ref date:20 Jan 1999 (ECON)
Bank of England - blowing hot air

Eddie George, the governor of the bank of England and the man who said that job losses were an acceptable side effect of any policies he introduced in London to protect SE England has been "blowing" again.

He said: "The impression I got is that really the Scottish economy has withstood the strong winds that have been blowing really rather better than they expected. "There have been a lot of high-profile job losses, but there have also been a lot of, perhaps less high-profile, jobs created."

And no thanks to you and your over valued pound, inflated interest rates and fear of the Euro.

The Royal Bank of Scotland and the bank of Scotland would do well to make their positions on the Euro clear. IN FAVOUR. They should just do this behind old Eddies back.

After all these two banks are bigger than most U.S. based banks and are more progressive than the empire-minded B of E.