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ref date:3 Jul 2001 (ECON)
Westminster is computer and hi-tech ignorant

Blairs government has squandered 1bn on scrapped or over-budget information technology (IT) projects since Labour first came to power in 1997.

Part of this problem no doubt is due to Blairs trust in the entity convicted of never ending dirty hi-tech tricks, Microsoft. Pictures of Blair and Gates festooned the tv on several occasions, with grand promises from both and all we have in the so called "UK" is a technological backwater. In Scotland its even worse as we are NOT ALLOWED to control our own progress into internet related business, its a 'reserved matter'. Reserved that is to the same incompetent idiots who have wasted this cash.

Blair has also crushed the small hi-tech contractor business by taxing these people, who are ofetn the best of the crop, to death. They have since left the so called "UK" for pastures greener no doubt.

Given Blairs neo-fascist statements regarding privacy one has to wonder if the so called "UK" will ever get out of its low-hi-tech related doldrums?