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ref date:22 Oct 1998 (ECON)
Bank of England would sink Scotland too

EDDIE George, the Governor of the Bank of England, faced calls for his resignation last night, after suggesting that thousands of job losses in the north of England were an acceptable price to pay to curb inflation in the south.

This is how new Labour wants the Scottish economy to be run is it? Slash and run to preserve the comfy stock broker belt around London?

Blair deregulates the bank of England, supposedly freeing it from government control and it promptly runs wild! Its incredible.

I'm sick fed up of these half witted pro-Unionist morons who say that Scotland would be subservient to the European bank after independence, better to have Scottish ministers who will TRY and protect our interests than damned axemen down South who would wipe out our economy faster than you could say 'train to Purley'