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ref date:4 Jan 2001 (WBA)
Lord gives 2 million to labour

Lord Hamlyn's 2m donation to Tony Blairs Labour party was only revealed as the public and indeed many MPs in Westminster and Holyrood complained bitterly about the secrecy over Blairs little 'gift'.

For as long as wide open donations are made we will have the lobbyists and old school ties running both Scotland and England.

It would be fairer to say ANY INDIVIDUAL (NO COMPANIES, NO TRADE UNIONS) could contribute up to say 100 pounds a year to the party of their choice per annum with all other funding coming from the state, being divied out equally amongst ALL parties that returned at least 1 MP at the last election. This way no major party would get more air time or banner publishing.

If we dont do something we'll have the same corrupt system as the USA where dirty soft money from industry BUYS VOTERS.

We also need a law to stop ANY income tax or national insurance cuts during the last year in a governments office to prevent vote buying.

Many European countries do some or all of the above already.