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ref date:24 Aug 1999 (SI)
Liberals in Scotland TOLD do as Labour tells you or else

" A Guide to Collective Decision Making in the Scottish Executive", sounds benign enough doesn't it, guidelines to help the Labour/Liberal "coalition" help make better decisions for Scotland, but it is in fact anything other than this.

It contains the phrase "Ministers can express their views frankly in internal discussion of an issue, but their membership of the executive requires them to maintain a united front once decisions have been reached; to ensure that the privacy of opinions expressed in internal discussions is maintained; and to ensure that the internal process through which a decision has been made is not disclosed."

IE. If Westminster orders Scottish Labour and Dewar to do something, even against the interests of the Scots the Liberals must agree. Ah, so this is Blairs idea of a modern accountable parliament and his idea of cooperation within a coalition?

Its shows that if the Liberals concede university fees, PR reform, Lords reform etc etc. that they are as morally bankrupt as labour and have no right standing for Scottish office at all.

The Liberals ought to remember what Blair does to dissenters, heres a reminder.

  • Professor Bruce, lifelong Labour - EXPELLED from the party: October 1997
  • Dennis Canavan - kicked out of the labour party. Back as an independent