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ref date:10 Sep 2002 (si)
Scots leaving their homeland as its a colony
Jack McConnell, the first minister, has said that everything possible must be done to reverse the brain drain and halt population decline if the Scottish economy is to grow.

He does not understand why so many Scots leave and move to Southern England, or to the USA or another old commonwealth country.

Most of these people HATE what Scotland has become:a lackie to Westminsters wishes, where innovation, freedom and the expression of a need for independence have become dirty words and unimportant.

Their homeland is a COLONY - END OF DISCUSSION.

These people are often sad about being exiles from their homes and families, but have no choice if they want to better their lot because it is Londons express intention now, as it has been for centuries to keep those damned annoying Scots IN LINE. Thats the sad truth. And the fiasco of a Scottish 'parliament' is just another another extension of that subjugation.

Why leave? WHY STAY would be a better question.