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ref date:30 Apr 1999 (HEA)
Labour MP throws his support behind SNP line

John McAllion, one of the few members of 'old' labour not purged from the nu right wing Labour party of Tony Blair said last night that the private finance initiative, channeling funds into public works such as hospitals and schools was misguided. He said :

"I am regarded with considerable apprehension by the (LABOUR)leadership which is why I have been kept 100 miles from any press conferences during this campaign."

"When PFI through the private sector or consortium takes over, the jobs of cleaners, porters and janitors are effectively privatised and their pensions, wages and conditions are eroded."

"We donít get privatisation in housing and the challenge for the parliament is to find a way to raise investment which doesn't mean privatising works or giving taxpayers a raw deal."