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ref date:23 Apr 1999 (ECON)
labours Gordon Brown will inflict Londons will on Scotland

Should labour win control of the Scottish parliament (once-a-Scot) now Englands chancellor, Gordon Brown, has said he will STILL influence all aspects of the Scottish parliament from London.

An SNP spokesman said "Gordon Brown has blown the gaffe on London Labourís desire to control this parliament. What he is effectively saying is that, just as London Labour have controlled every aspect of Labourís campaign, so it will now dominate this parliament."

"It is an exercise in control- freakery and a massive and embarrassing blow to Donald Dewar. His role if he becomes First Minister will be to take orders from London Labour and carry them out in Scotland.If Gordon Brown is so interested in Scotlandís parliament, why isnít he standing as a candidate?"