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ref date:29 Oct 1999 (ECON)
Scots should allow French to certify Scots beef as safe

The trade argument running at full steam just now between WESTMINSTER (who denies that our beef herds still have rampant highly deadly BSE levels) and the French government could hurt the Scots more than the English.

The Scottish farmers Unions should use the fact Scottish farming is a devolved power to Edinburgh and let European scientists test and certify Scottish herds as safe, one by one.

If this doesn't happen, the Scots exports to Europe will be harmed, as jingoistic farmers down South, who caused the BSE cross species jump in the first place, mouth off at Scotlands expense.

BSE is deadly, it cant be ignored, so Scots farmers should cooperate with European agriculture specialists and protect their own herds rather than wave the "Union" Flag. Of course many of these same farmers are Tories.....who would like to see a wedge driven between Scotland and her future DIRECT European partners as Scottish independence looks more and more likely as labour sells Scotland short.