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ref date:7 Apr 2000 (SI)
Blair confuses nationhood with NATIONHOOD

Tony Blair still says that devolution is the way forward, even though he told an audience in Wales he was a 'one nation guy'.

He said : "The fact that we can come together and share our ideas is the strength of devolution. It is not about London being heavy-handed. But despite devolution we face the same problems and have a common interest in seeing they are resolved."

The common interest is keeping Labour MPS and MSPs in control of Scotlands natural resources, killing off Scottish industry, and using 'concordants' - more correctly called diktats to rule the Scots from London.

Devolution is a minefield of lies, vetoes and deception. As a Scottish NATION we have to avoid blairs concept of 'nation'.

Alex Salmond must abandon his calls for a referendum on independence, FORCE the truth out about how Scotland subsidises Westminster and make us FREE, its about time.Blair can keep his 'one nation'.