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ref date:20 Mar 2001 (WBA)
Liddell waffles on about Scotland like its a child

Helen Liddell made herself very unpopular in Scotland and was pulled back to her masters in London, only to be reborn in phoenix like firestorm as secretary of state for Scotland after donald dewars demise.

She continues to degrade the Scots, talking down to us like children, talking of partnerships when what Westminster does to Scotland is degrade it and hold it back from its rightful place as a nation in its own right. Amongst her comments were:

"Devolution is about partnership. It is not separation. It is not about cutting Scotland off from the rest of the UK and I think in the last seven weeks Henry McLeish and I, with the benefit of having known one another for 25 or 30 years, have worked very well."

"I think that partnership is important because we see the Scottish Executive working with the government for the benefit of Scotland and we see concrete results like the drop in unemployment last week."

"Henry and I have shared values, shared ambitions but different mechanisms for delivery. That is what devolution is all about."