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ref date:22 Jan 2002 (HEA)
New "UK" watchdog chief wrongly looks at doctors as NHS dies off

Professor Sir Graeme Catto, the new president of the General Medical Council made some comments concerning the now appalling state of health care in Scotland and England that quite wrongly makes doctors appear responsible for the mess in healthcare.

He said "There is an increasing awareness that outcomes for patients in the UK in areas like cancer and heart disease are not as good as they are in other countries. Britain, instead of leading, as many of us thought 10 years ago, is lagging. When you look at the state of many of the hospitals, particularly in England, a lot of doctors are asking themselves how did we allow this to happen?"

He went on "The people who have taken an interest in turning it round have largely been the press and the public. The medical profession has been noticeably quiet on this and has not been particularly positive in leading the change."

This is a snub against health care professionals who for YEARS have told the scum politicians in London that the NHS was suffering and that people were dying. What was Londons response? From Thatcher and then Blair - more managers, more committees, more meetings, more private interference, higher taxes, longer hours, stupid 'trusts' - and the result, DEAD PEOPLE.

The Scots would do well now to DUMP London, dump westminster and make damned sure they GO FOR INDEPENDENCE ASAP - stay as a colony otherwise and rot.