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ref date:23 Apr 2003 (si)
Turncoat Scot chancellor Brown out of his depth
This man has spent years clinging to Blairs coat-tails and eating scraps from Westminsters table. His comments to a set of 'party activists' IE SCOTS TURNED TRAITORS in Edinburgh show his incredble lack of common sense.

The SNP are only to aware of the costs involved in establishing fiscal autonomy BEFORE full independence. But heres what would NOT happen.

  • We would not waste millions opening embassies world wide on day one
  • We would save millions by NOT paying into NATO (US puppet) and Englands armed forces
  • We would millions by NOT helping to pay off Englands national debt
  • We would save millions by going to the Euro and dumping the over valued, US friendly pound
  • We would garner European support as the MOST important EU oil/gas producing state
  • We would save millions by selling OUR oil and gas in Euros
  • We would save millions by closing down the Scottish office. London could deal directly with the Scottish parliament
  • We would encourage business NOT harm it by working with business, rather than against it as Blair does
  • We would save millions by scrapping ANY contribution towards the upkeep of weapons of mass destruction e.g. trident