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ref date:8 Apr 2001 (SI)
McLeish rants in deluded rose coloured world

Addressing the Scottish Trades Unions McLeish said "Even our status as a small nation can work in our favour. Some of the most striking recent successes among the world's economies have been countries and regions comparable in size to Scotland. Regions that enjoy the kind of autonomy within a larger unit that devolution has now given us."

Earth calling McLeish- anyone home?

We are a colony of England, run by Westminster - we are NOT a nation.

We have no government, we have an 'executive' that does as London wills.

We have no autonomy. We have costs, quangos, committees and spin doctors.

Devolution is a lie, a mean spirited joke played on the feeble minded Scots who EVER think we'll prosper tied hand and foot to London like some prize Sow.