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ref date:12 May 2002 (eur)
Blair trying to be non-European and more pro-US
Blair has been promising for years that he'd dump the overvalued pound and adopt the Euro currency. We've heard all kinds of pseudo-economic jargon tests being applied to duck the question, then seen Iraq used as an excuse NOT to have the pro-Euro currency referendum, now Blair wants to wait and see who wins most of the national elections across Europe. He's scared that his 'third way' has failed and that more right wingers will take power.

That does not matter, the other Euro currency countries are not about to U turn (unlike Blair) over the new unit for cash exchange. It's simply another time delaying action to prevent his junk government from giving people a choice.

He also wants to stay aligned with the USA rather than his logical and true trading partners and political allies inside the EU.