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ref date:12 Mar 1999 (ECON)
Labour lackies in the White House

Donald Dewar, Mr. charisma, is on his way to Washington, an invitation for all those people in the USA who think they are 1/900 Irish. The good Irish people I know find that quaint, but somewhat charming... anyway....

Dewar said "This trip has been planned for some time and is primarily designed to encourage inward investment in Scotland. That is the main reason for the visit. However, Mr Dewar will be attending a St Patrick's Day celebration in Washington at the invitation of Bill Clinton."

The inward investment that will be vetoed by London is that Donald - wi' nae troos.

WHAT A SNUB. THE SCOTS NOW HAVE (for better or worse) TARTAN DAY, April 6th

why wasn't Dewar holding out for that instead?

The trade punishment that the USA is inflicting is illegal and the EU needs to retaliate. Banning the NSA US government spying technology in the pentium three chips from Europe completely would be a good start if talking fails.

Anyway Donald, happy St Patricks day, hope you remember you are meant to be Scottish on Tartan day.....