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ref date:8 Jan 2001 (SI)
Buying your Scottish vote is the Labour way

Labour admitted this is where its money comes from:

40% small donations from members and supporters
30% from trade unions
20% from donations of more than 5,000 
10% from commercial activities.
So Labour screws 30% of its money from Trade Union members, in the same way Tories rip off money from Rich London based bankers, they also take many LARGE donations over 5000 pounds ($8000).

This is preposterous. They will then use this money to buy TV air time and spread their web of lies against Scots independence and say as usual we cant go it alone, and whats worse is many Labour voting Scots have heard it so often they believe it.

We need ONLY state funding and donations of less than 100 pounds from individuals and NO company or trade union dirty cash in our electoral system as soon as possible.