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ref date:7 Oct 2000 (EU)
Persuading the plebs the Euro is necessary

Plebians, the common folk - persuaded by jingoistic nonsense that somehow the pound coins in their pockets,and the notes in their wallets smothered in simulcrums of ENGLANDS Queen are in any way part of Scotlands national identity are ludicrous!

Tony Blair, for once in his wretched time at the helm, is set to spend tax payers money on something useful for once, NO, not the millennium dome and not another stupid football stadium, but on information. Information to let everyone know the disasterous costs of NOT joining the Euro and dumping the overvalued pound.

The Tories are right, the Euro has been weakened, but two thing will make IT and the European economy the powerhouse of this new millennium - the pound joining and the Europeans selling their OIL and BUYING their oil from OPEC in Euros, not US dollars.

Would OPEC do it? They have NO choice.

Lets make a bigger European state that supports the individual nations inside an overall umbrella to protect human rights, promote fiercely competitive industry and leave the flag waving as, well, just flag waving at European football matches.